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Leave your socks at home. Seriously, if you are gonna have some street cred, I better be able to see your ankles from March to October (if you live in California). I’m not too hot on toes. You can wear flip-flops if you must, but think about a few more substantial alternatives if you are thinking of picking up a new pair of kicks. (Toms, Sperry Topsiders, Vans, Vintage dress shoes, Plimsoles)
This guy can beat you in chess... and in boat racing.

Think short(er). Come on guys, don’t be afraid of a little thigh. I’m not. And neither are the best potential relationship partners. Now I’m not guaranteeing a mate based on your 8-inch inseam, but I am saying you will be ready for the hott (two t’s). What do I mean by hott (two t’s)? Well, for one, summer can really get your upper-inners down if you aren’t careful. Let those babies breath deeply in the warm and long days. Also, a nicely tanned thigh (or two) will really increase your sexy-sexy appeal by (at least) two-fold. The confidence that is evident by a little guy-thigh, is enough to turn the most fashionable of heads. If those thighs are a nice shade of golden-brown, then you will likely warrant a double look… from everyone. Nothing is hotter.
This guy has vibe

Along the same lines as ‘think short(er)’ is the next bit of advice: think short(er). If you are wearing long pants (jeans, slacks, etc.) don’t be afraid to give them a roll, show some ankle. Even go permanent and hem them. (Yes, that means using a needle and some thread.) Instead of throwing your jacket over a puddle to show how gentlemanly you can be, just walk on through! Pants are safe, your ‘rep’ is intact and people will follow you anywhere (especially through puddles of manageable sizes).
This guy's bike could beat up your bike.

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